How Health Up® Capsules Helps In Gaining Weight?

Where some people want to lose weight some want to gain weight but find it difficult as others.

But, adding some supplements to our diet can help us gain weight effectively and in a healthy manner.

Adding Health Up® Capsules to our daily diet can be highly effective and a quick way to gain weight.

These capsules are purely ayurvedic primitive herbs like Ashwagandha, Mandoor Bhasm, Trifala, Bhringaraj, etc which are used to gain weight or muscle builder for decades.

This capsule provides a good balance to the metabolism of our body. The herbs present in it helps us eat more food, especially if we have a poor appetite or we get full quickly.

Health Up® Capsules are a perfect choice nowadays if someone is looking to gain weight. Being underweight compromises our immune system, energy, and quality of life. When you have healthy body weight, you look and feel healthier.

With Health Up® Capsules gaining weight with a properly balanced diet with adding some good quality of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy, and all such vitamin-enriched foods.

Health Up® Capsules help you improve your skin tone and give you a good hair volume so you look healthier. This capsule boosts our body’s energy by giving our body the fuel which it needs to operate optimally. Good bodyweight does not only help you gain more physical energy but also mental strength. Health Up® Capsules help conserve energy to operate the essential function of our body such as the action of digestive organs and blood sugar levels in our body.

Important ingredients in Health Up® Capsules

· Twak

Mandoor Bhasm

· Safed Musli

· Bhringraj

· Guduchi Satva

· Jaatifal

· Ashwagandha

· Shudh Kapila

· Shudh Shilajeet

· Trifla

· Vidhara

· Akarkara

· Praval Pisti

· Bang Bhasm

· Konch Beej

· Beej Kand

Directions to use: 

· Generally, it’s directed to have 02 capsules per day after meal or as directed by a health professional

· For adults – It is advised to take 02 capsules a day with lukewarm water

· For children (only above 12 yrs. age) – It is advised to take 1 capsule in a day

NOT recommended for the below-mentioned group of people:

· Pregnant ladies or lactating mother

· Person suffering from any heart-related disease

· Person consuming any kind of life-saving drug

Health Up® Capsules is a registered trademark product in the Trademark Authority, Govt. of India. While purchasing Health Up® capsule, always make sure that you buy Health Up® only with Registered Trademark (® denotes Registered Trademark Product in the Trademark Authority of India).


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